• Vintage Morecambe
    Vintage Morecambe
3 or 4 Night Nostalgic Break
March and April 2017
Decades: 1940's - 1980s
Fancy Dress - 40's to 80's style
Quizzes - test your recollection
Film screenings - Iconic films
Memorable music of the times
Bingo and accompanied sing-a-longs
Menu's themed to the era

Through The Ages

Running successively through March and April our popular series of 3 or 4 night themed break is based on selected decades from the 1940's / post war era. During this entertaining and fun trip down memory-lane we deck the hotel daily in nostalgic memorabilia, posters and banners. Many activities are then organised against this backdrop.

The last night, 'Party Night' really was something to remember, a real good 'do'

Dennis Bailey

Travelled From Cleethorpes

We really enjoyed our dances and hope to be back for more soon

Rosie & Edward Dunne

Rita & Fred Dunne

...the 40's night was great...


Room 201

Though the specific itinerary is fluid - depending on entertainers and preferences - typically we organise:

Move through the decades 

1940's - If you love this era then your cool vintage clothing, hats and hair styles let you play out the decade in style and fancy dress occasions don't come much better than this. 

Our Film Matinee performances are based on this period of wartime Britain and immediate Post War period.

Evening entertainment includes well known music that played over the radio and in the dance halls and theatres of the time. You can even take to the dance floor while everyone sings-a-long.

1950's - Before the Beatles and The stones there was Elvis, Brass bands, Jazz and Acapella music to name but a few.

1960's to 1980's - The hotel hums to a different beat as the austerity of the 1940's gives way to greater innovation, optimism and cultural enterprise.

Up to the 80's was Morecambe's heyday. Smart suits and shiny shoes, cool nightclubs, prints and horn rimmed glasses. In the bar lounge you may just hear Buddy Holly and Little Richard fill the airwaves. MODs and Rockers were frequently seen on the promenade.

Party Night

On the fourth night we combine the decades and throw a party that lets you let your hair down. Remember the best music of the 1940's-1980's, take part in the competitions, quizzes , bingo or party games. We may even round off the evening with our own version of Last Night at the Proms or a big singalong together.

Our evening entertainment takes place in our ground floor bar-lounge and the dance floor. The party is available to all our hotel guests at no extra charge. So take part in the fun or simply soak up the atmosphere as we whisk through decades.

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Lisa Sadler, Auckland Hotel Partner

I love seeing our guests enjoying the nostalgic atmosphere.

Lisa Sadler

Hotel Partner